Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

Popped Gourmet Popcorn

Here at Popped we have carefully selected blend of popcorn which is then blended with flavors of old-fashioned caramel, nuts, chocolates and simple ingredients and spices and into mouth-watering treats for you.

Our popcorn is made fresh and we have designed so your popcorn remains fresh for months.

At Popped we have created our own recipes to deliver you some of the best caramel popcorn made in small batches mixed by hand using natural butter, coconut oil and other natural ingredients to give you the right flavor and taste.

Our corn is grown in New Zealand and is GMO free and is the best corn you can source in New Zealand which I can proudly say not many popcorn outlets will use. Our popcorn is very addictive.

Popped is my passion hence I pop and caramelize it right into the wee hours of early morning each day.

The recipes and flavors have been tested and retested to give you the best and bringing a smile on your face.

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