Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

Smoups Ltd



SMOUPS – Coconut Bacon

All the taste of bacon without the dead pigs!

Even bacon lovers can’t tell the difference… Smoups dream is to have the vegan bacon substitute, made from coconut, replace the real thing & stop the killing of pigs!


In addition to one of the recommended five a day portions of fruit and vegetables, Smoups Coconut Bacon is a gluten free, meat free product with no GMO, no artificial flavour or colorings and suitable for vegetarians, and vegans, as well as people who just want to be healthy.

We aim to encourage children and adults to live happy, healthy lives, whilst helping the environment and saving the lives of pigs.

“Creating Coconut Bacon has been a journey that we’ve put our heart and soul into, from scouring the perfect fresh handpicked coconuts for the best natural ingredients to designing a product that will excite not only the vegan world, but also consumers across the globe looking for a healthier cruelty free alternative.”


For more information please contact:

Soraya Butterworth
Tel: 027 484 6181



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