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4th & 5th May 2019

Purebread Organic

Organic Bread, The Staff of life for Healthy Food

Purebread, NZ’s first BioGro Certified, Organic bread and bakery, naturally fermented.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even snacks in between, we have many, truly healthy options including gluten free, paleo and certified organic.
Bread, Pizza, Muesli, Cake, Biscuits, Breadcrumbs, Gluten Free cake mixes and Pastry

The term organic is more about what is not in our food, where artificial chemicals and pesticides are commonly found in modern grain growing. The last Total Diet Survey that creates the ‘Dirty Dozen’ or foods with most pesticides, revealed that 87% of wheat products found 23 different pesticides. (See www.Safefood.Org.NZ for more detail)

Most at risk, are our children as they take in more food in proportion to their body weight than adults do. They and the unborn foetus, are more sensitive to chemical exposure that may result in an array of very serious health problems.

Feel bloated after a sandwich?

Other health benefits come from Purebread using old fashioned fermentation processes over several hours. Time allows the natural enzymes to get working, breaking down the complex carbohydrates which in turn greatly assist our bodies ability to digest the grains better.

Purebread use organic ingredients that offer high nutritional qualities like wholegrain buckwheat, oats, coconut oil, honey and eggs from pasture fed hens.

“Of course, as this is all fermented, we can digest these better, so our bodies can absorb their valuable, natural vitamins and minerals from the organic ingredients” said Founder of Pureberad, Robert Glensor.

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