Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

NZ Tamarillo Co-operative


Savour the tantalising taste of tamarillos all year round with our two new palate pleasers.

“For the Love of Tams” Tamarillo Vinegar Dressing

“For the Love of Tams” Tamarillo Relish

Made in New Zealand, our unique products use tamarillos grown by a small group of specialist Northland orchardists who are members of New Zealand’s only tamarillo co-operative.

Tamarillos are native to sub-tropical South America and were originally called tree tomatoes.

The tangy, juicy flesh and vibrant colour make tamarillos ideal for sauces, chutneys, relishes, jams, jellies and vinegars.

Try our “For the love of Tams” Tamarillo Vinegar Dressing;

  • Drizzled over salads.
  • Spooned over barbecued meats, steamed vegetables or cooked seafood.
  • Added to butter sauces for meat or fish.
  • Added to marinades.
  • Whisked with olive oil to serve as a dip for crusty bread.
  • Combined with mayonnaise to dress potato or other vegetable salads.
  • Drizzled over strawberries and serve with whipped cream.

Try our “For the Love of Tams” Tamarillo Relish;

  • Added to barbecues.
  • Served with cheeses and cold cuts on an antipasto platter.
  • Spread on hot cheese scones.
  • Brushed over meat before grilling.
  • Used as a stuffing with brie cheese for chicken breasts.
  • Combined with sour cream and serve with corn chips as a dip.
  • Spooned on tacos or in sliders.

For the Love of Tams Tamarillo Vinegar Dressing and For the Love of Tams Tamarillo Relish are now becoming available from supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

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