Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019



Nespresso, 29 years ago pioneered the concept of portioned premium coffee and patented an exclusive system for perfectly mastering the preparation process of the espresso, from the selection of the rarest coffee beans right through to the exquisite moment of tasting.

Only the interaction between the original Nespresso capsules and genuine Nespresso machine guarantees the Nespresso in-cup quality. Coffee, Machine and the Nespresso Club are the inseparable components of this ingenious alliance, allowing you to discover, in the comfort of your home an unequalled espresso, cup after cup.

Nespresso only selects Gourmet Coffees which represent no more than 10% of the worlds coffee production. Among them, just 10-20% meets the quality criteria of Nespresso.

As part of our sustainability program, we chose aluminium as the packaging material for our capsules as it protects the coffee and aromas in our Nespresso Grands Crus and is infinitely recyclable without losing any of its qualities.

To find out more visit our team of experts at the show or contact the Nespresso club on 0800 234 579 (freephone 24/7)

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