Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

Health Station V-Fit Vibration Trainer

Health Station V-Fit Vibration Trainer

Do you want to lose weight, tone muscles, be fitter, feel healthier and have more energy?  Well do we have the perfect machine for you…the oh so sleek V-Fit Vibration Plate!

Spending 10-15 minutes on the Health Station V-Fit can be the equivalent to spending an hour in the gym, in that time you can burn up to 350 calories! The vibrations push your body slightly off balance causing your muscles to contract up to 20-30 times a second which means your muscles are working up to 10 times harder that with regular exercise!

The Health Station V-Fit Vibration Trainer uses high intensity oscillating vibrations to help you…

  •     lose weight and reduce body fat
  •     tone up
  •     strengthen muscles
  •     reduce cellulite and body fat
  •     increase circulation
  •     increase metabolism
  •     reduce back and joint pain
  •     increase bone density

This really is the quickest most effective way to do a low impact work out!  And when you’ve finished it’s so sleek you can just slide it under the bed or couch until the next work out.

Whole body vibration (WBV) machines were originally invented over 40 years ago for Russian cosmonauts so they could maintain their muscle strength and bone density while at zero gravity…the science behind WBV is undeniable! Get yours today and feel fitter and fresher in no time. Get fit with V-Fit!



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