Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

Green Meadows Beef



The Carey family founded Green Meadows Beef in October 2012 with the dream to take the grass-fed Angus beef we farmed straight into the mouths of families New Zealand wide. We wanted to answer some of the tougher questions consumers are facing today:

  1. where does our food come from?
  2. who grows these products?
  3. are the animals cared for?

Our 420 acre (170 ha) farm is located south of Opunake in Coastal Taranaki, a stone’s throw from the popular Green Meadows surf break. Underneath Mount Taranaki and beside the Taungatara Stream, this is the perfect environment for our animals to eat grass pasture and grow naturally.  Our animals graze on cool climate grass. This gives our meat outstanding flavour, colour and texture. Plus the cattle live a happy life out in the open eating grass and grass supplements (silage and hay) grown only on our farm.

As well as the farm, Green Meadows Beef’s manufacturing plant in New Plymouth handles over two tonnes’ of beef per week. Here, the beef from the Carey family farm is sliced, diced and minced and sent by chiller truck direct to stores, or by overnight courier direct to your door. We also contract manufacture and pack for other producers.






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