Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

Good Buzz Kombucha

Good Buzz Kombucha is a healthful addition to your daily wellness routine, providing micronutrients, active enzymes and organic acids in a refreshing low-sweetness fizzy soft drink. But the best part is that it tastes great any time of day – have it for breakfast or have it at a barbecue with mates.

This ancient elixir is made by fermenting a sweetened tea base with a living culture called a mother. Our culture has been a part of the family, here in NZ, since 1974. We brew for 12-14 days and then bottle – we DO NOT add sweeteners, additional sugar, juices or water. We DO NOT make our kombucha from concentrate – this is a TRUE BOOCH®. Residual sugars after ferment are between 2.2-3.6g/100ml.

Available in 7 flavours: Feijoa, Lemon Ginger, Feijoa, Jasmine, Origins (black tea original), Green Tea, and our new release, Apple Cinnamon. Available in 328ml and 888ml bottles as well as 20L kegs.

Our kombucha is certified organic & Fairtrade, is approved by the Vegetarian & Coeliac societies


Good Buzz Kombucha
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