Claudelands, Hamilton
4th & 5th May 2019

Famous Vodka

Here unfolds no long, illustrious history involving debauched European royalty. No convoluted origin story. No highbrow pretentions. Just the ingredients of a ballin’ vodka and the people who love it.

Famous Vodka is created in New Zealand, using methods invented by clever dead people. Super pure spring water from the Waitakere Ranges is carbon filtered, UV-filtered and de-ionised, and blended with triple filtered whey spirit. This creates a subtle vodka with a smooth aftertaste and none of the burny, ethanol (s)hit of grain or potato vodka. One that goes down smooth and sneaks up behind you like a barefoot ninja.

The first rule of Famous Vodka – burn the rulebook. It’s equally neat, over ice, with mixers or as a base for cocktails both classic and experimental. In a crowd or a nightcap at yours. Famous does however enjoy the company of open-minded friends, whenever you show up.

Vodka may have socialist undertones, but Famous is the spirit of democracy. Where everyone can vote for the party of their choice. Because when given a choice, Famous will always choose to party.


Facebook: @famousvodkanz

Instagram: @famousvodkanz

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