Claudelands, Hamilton
2nd & 3rd May 2020



About Brewaucracy

In 2011, Greig McGill and Phil Murray teamed up to launch Brewaucracy upon an unsuspecting world. Not much happened for quite a while after that. I mean, they made some beers which were kindly called “niche” by some, and more often called “weird stuff that’s not IPA” by most. Essentially, they brewed styles that they love, and often styles that were overlooked by the crowds in their rush to drink the next hazy triple-dry-hopped IPA bomb!

The boys continued to brew the beer they loved and beer that a surprised public started to love. So much so, it seemed worthy of building a big shiny pile of stainless steel and concrete to relaunch Brewaucracy as a bit more of a serious enterprise. In March 2018, Brewaucracy Brewery and Taproom, the aforementioned serious enterprise, opened at 34 Mahana Road, Hamilton.

Greig, Brewaucracy’s head brewer is 179cm tall, talks a lot, and enjoys oysters, English Barleywine style beers, and loud death metal (but also trippy hippy jams – all hail Satan, and Jerry Garcia). He can be spotted amongst the stainless steel in various states of confusion brought on by sleep deprivation and general jubilation brought about by doing what he loves and, between you and me, is bloody good at!

Greig has been busy brewing the beers Brewaucracy fans have been waiting for. For example, Bean Counter, a traditional London Porter intentionally adulterated with Tahitian vanilla and Tax Evasion, the perfect thirst quenching low alcohol blonde ale topped off with a delicate but herbaceous and floral hop component.

For a taste of Brewaucracy (nb: considerably less officious and painstaking than bureaucracy), come on down to the Great New Zealand Food Show where the beer is fresh and delicious and the talk is cheap!


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