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4th & 5th May 2019

2018 Charity of Choice

Support Waikato Women’s Refuge – Te Whakaruruhau

Waikato Women’s Refuge helps thousands of women and children across the Waikato region each year to escape violent and abusive relationships. Their wellbeing and safety is our number one priority.

Our skilled and dedicated team provide families with 24/7 crisis support, advocacy services, advice, programmes and other tools to enable them to live a life that is both safe and violence-free.

It costs more than $2 million a year to operate our safe houses and provide our services to the community.

What we do: For the whole whānau
Te Whakaruruhau works with women, children, and men willing to change, to connect them with the right agencies and community providers to get them out of hardship. Waikato Women’s Refuge helps with emergency support, housing, resources, educational programmes and ongoing support for all those affected by violence.

The numbers
• Last year we helped more than 6,000 women and families.
• We typically have about 240 women and children in our six safe houses at any given time.
• It costs us on average $2689 to have a mother and child in our safe house.
• The government funds $660 per woman for up to 190 women each year.

Every dollar counts
Waikato Women’s Refuge has to raise its own funds to continue to help families find safety. What do the costs look like?
$2,100 will pay for our groceries for a month.
$1,500 will pay for a safe house’s monthly power bill.
$500 will pay for our 0800 crisis line for a month.
$250 will pay for an emergency pack for one woman and two children.
$70 will pay for a holiday programme for one child in the refuge.
$50 helps pay for one of our staff member’s monthly wages.

Please help us to keep families safe.
To discuss donation and sponsorship options, contact us on 07 855 1569 or email us at









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