Claudelands, Hamilton
5th & 6th May 2018



Is there a dish or cooking technique that you haven't quite conquered? Our classes offer a more intimate environment, your own full equipped station and an expert guiding you step by step, it's definitely worth paying a little extra for.

After your class we invite you to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour with your chef. Every one of our cooking class guests will walk away with the recipe, and the satisfaction of having mastered a new dish.

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Waikato Food Inc  - Nathan Hartley/ Vicki Ravlich-Horan

Saturday 13 May - 10.15am

The best the Waikato has to offer! This class will see Nathan & Vicki take their passion for everything local and sizzle up the stage with a very tasty dish indeed. Magills flat iron steak, bubble and squeak like no other, and a super tasty treacle and bacon sauce. As well as getting hands on you’ll discover a new cut of meat and about the different variety and uses of potatoes.

Vilagrad wine match:
Vilagrad winery Mt Pirongia Pinot noir 2014 - Named after our beautiful mountain that overlooks the vineyard where this Pinot noir was grown and made. The very versatile wine has enough weight to handle a hanger steak covered in bacon sauce yummmmm!



NZ Beef & Lamb - Mat McLean  

Saturday 13 May - 11.45am

Mat has been a Beef + Lamb Ambassador Chef since 2009 and is a chef with highly developed technical skills, who's committed to cooking with seasonal, local product and is not afraid to experiment with flavours and textures. Join Mat’s class and discover a whole new world of tasty, juicy and tender flat iron steak, accompanied with blue cheese butter, pickled mushroom and herbed potato.

Vilagrad wine match:
Vilagrad winery Mt Pirongia Cabernet/merlot 2014. Named after the beautiful mountain that overlooks our vineyards, big bold flavours in this dish but the sweetness and richness of the merlot will be great will the blue cheese butter. A match made in heaven!!


WINTEC - Carl Houben 

Saturday 13 May - 1.15pm

Waikato born and bred, Carl has worked in some of New Zealand’s finest culinary establishments, and won many awards.  As a current Tutor at Wintec, Carl will take you on a delicious three-way journey celebrating everything Snapper.  His inspiring menu will include – Chimichurri Snapper Tacos, Red Slaw, Tequila, Lime and Thyme Yoghurt, and a Tomato and Mango Salsa | Snapper Ceviche with Avocado, Lime, Chilli and Coconut and served with Banana Crisps | Snapper and Chorizo Tortellini with Salsa Vierge

$30.00 per person

Vilagrad wine match:
Vilagrad winery Charminer 2012. Waikato's favourite white wine!!!! Perfect wine to have with snapper 3ways especially the spicy salsa, chilli and lime. The charminer controls the spice and sweetness of these dishes. Delicious!!


Food Worth Making - Sam Mannering

Saturday 13 May - 2.45pm

Author of bestselling books (‘Food Worth Making’ and ‘A Year’s Worth: Recipes from Dunsandel Store’) food columnist, and co-owner of Homestead, Hillsborough.  Sam brings to you his passion for a traditional Italian food philosophy, and tempers it with a good old-fashioned Kiwi twist.  An inspired dish of deliciously pan roasted fresh salmon, perfect potatoes and a classic caper and parsley accompaniment – all elevated to the newest of flavour heights.  Comforting, classic and sure to impress anyone’s fancy dinner party guests.

Vilagrad wine match:
The beautiful Vilagrad winery rose 2016 will be perfect with this dish.  This stunning rose will cut through the salmon, refreshing the palate, ready for another bite or two.


Divine Eats - Tamahere Model Country School

Sunday 14 May - 10.15am


Do you know a little helper with a sticky little set of hands eager to join you in the kitchen? Tamahere School and Divine Eats invite you to join them in this shared experience with a real hands-on, roll-your-sleeves-up cooking class.  A class designed to share with that youngster who’s keen to learn, and keen to impress.  Angie will keep you all on track while you follow along with the recipes - Party Marty’s Lamb & Feta Sliders and Easy Chocolate Slice.

Vilagrad wine match: 
Vilagrad winery Mt Pirongia Cabernet/Merlot 2014. Loving lamb sliders with a sneaky glass of Cab/Merlot, feta is super salty so this red can handle it also save some for the chocolate slice, Cabernet and chocolate go together surprisingly well.


WINTEC - Shannon Katipa

Sunday 14 May - 11.45am

Current Chef Tutor at Wintec, Shannon has a long line of credits to his name, and has been involved with the Waikato Culinary Fare, NZ Chef of the Year, Monteith’s Wild Food Challenge, and holds several past Beef & Lamb awards.  Join Shannon and be inspired in this real-life classroom and be guided along under his expert tutelage, with a giggle or two thrown in for good measure.  Venison Loin with Herbed Chevre & Macadamia Crumble, Spiced Morello Cherries with Chocolate Chilli, Butternut Puree, Raspberries, and Pea Feather. Just like a bought one!

Vilagrad wine match:
Vilagrad winery Mt Pirongia Cabernet/Merlot 2014. Wash down with spiced cheries and raspberries, venison needs a good red to stand up to the strong flavour.

Neena and Belinda promo image

The Green Kitchen - Neena & Belinda

Sunday 14 May - 1.15pm

The Green Kitchen is all about “wellness through awareness” and the desire to educate and encourage people towards healthy nourishing food and practices which are deeply wholesome, simple to prepare, seasonal and delicious!   As Neena & Belinda would say – “Wrap Your Laughing Gear Around This One”: A beautifully Asian inspired dish of Salt ‘n’ Pepper Chicken Thighs with Tamarind Hot Sauce, Charred Broccollini, Cashews and Fragrant Herb Salsa. Flavour, Flavour, Flavour!


Vilagrad wine match:
Vilagrad winery Charminer 2012. Healthy food healthy wine, we do not add any protein additives to our wines, as they are completely vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. Charminer goes so well with spicy dishes this will be a great match with the pepper chicken and tamarind sauce.

Josephine - photo

Dinners on the Table - Josephine Blake

Sunday 14 May - 2.45pm


Preparing and sharing food is one of life’s great pleasures with weekly trips to Hamilton Farmers Market as inspiration for Josephine’s menus. Healthy, satisfying home cooked meals with lots of vegetables and flavor is what it’s all about.  Impress your family with a new seasonal and tasty “Dinners on the Table”.  Warm spiced Duck Breast, Summer Plums, Root Mash and Fancy Slaw (duck breast kindly supplied by Quack-A-Duck)


Vilagrad wine match:
Mt Pirongia Pinot noir 2014. Named after our beautiful mountain that overlooks the vineyard. One of the best wine matches of all time!! Pinot noir cuts through the duck cleansing the palette every bite and the plum flavours in the wine work so great with the fresh season summer plum. Melt in ya mouth stuff!!



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