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4th & 5th May 2019

The Kefir Company


At The Kefir Company we make fermented coconut water it is a liquid probiotic drink.  We are raw and unpasteurised we crack all the coconuts that go into our product so you get all the minerals and enzymes of the coconut water. We get all our coconuts from the South pacific  Islands.  We make four favours original ,lime, pineapple and watermelon.

A small amount of kefir a day is great for building up your gut flora  and immune system

Our kefir comes in 300ml and 500ml bottles  and we also sell a bulk buy of kefir called the batch  that is a direct sold from us. We also sell coconut meat  scooped straight out of the coconuts which is great for raw baking yummy desserts and  for making yoghurt that comes frozen.


Contact Details

Anita Kyle Director

42 The Avenue

09 4144672


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