Claudelands, Hamilton
5th & 6th May 2018

Shuzi NZ Limited



Shuzi – THE Health Jewellery Company. EST NZ 2009

Pain slowing you down and impeding on your normal lifestyle? Check out The Health Jewellery Co……..

The natural drug  free alternative to assist with general well-being & pain which can hinder your everyday lifestyle. It is as simple as wearing  a durable band ideal for the farm or sporting lifestyle to upmarket jewellery.

Each Shuzi is embedded with a chip programmed with Nano Vibration Technology (NVT) . Our chip has been programmed to emit  subtle vibrational energy (scalar energy ) which resonates with your body’s natural cellular frequency.

Shuzi is intended to provide healthier blood by stimulating blood cells and allowing them to flow more freely. In many cases, tests  have shown this stimulation results in enhanced circulation and reduced painful inflammation for those wearing Shuzi products.

Suitable for all ages.

We now have a range suitable for your  Pets….Cats, Dogs and Equine. So if your pets are suffering from anxiety, arthritis, inflammation please talk to us . Collars and tags are available.
Visit our site to chat with our team to see how Shuzi may be able to assist you.

Contact Details:
Phone: 0800 218010 Mon-Fri 9-5pm


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