Claudelands, Hamilton
5th & 6th May 2018

Plate Me Nutrition


Plate Me Nutrition are a local Cambridge company producing shelf stable meals, with an 18 month shelf life, designed by NZ’s leading sports performance nutritionist with the aim of providing truly convenient nutrition.

Nutrition is a key part of sports performance, yet it is complex, time consuming and often overlooked. As such we set out to manufacture a source of nutrition with true convenience.

Our meals are shelf stable, meaning they do not need a fridge or freezer and have an 18 month shelf life (without preservatives). They can be eaten cold if needed but are usually heated in the pouch using a microwave or a pot of boiling water.  Our meals are made with the best ingredients including fresh NZ meat and freshly prepared vegetables. At 450gms per pouch they fill a dinner plate and are loaded with goodness.

Further information on our food can be found at

The Great NZ Food Show