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Ekkomagicwipes  pronounced eco magic wipes

These pure cotton wipes expand quickly and easily with  water into a strong re-usable chemical free, lint free wipe which is biodegradable in 14 weeks. These absorb water and heat and hold 27 times their weight of fluids. Evaporation cools.

Planet friendly. Disposes safely into a worm farm,  compost or household rubbish.

The more often you can use one ekko the more cotton you save and the better it is for our planet and our future.

Hundreds of uses- limited only by your imagination

Saves on cleaners.

Keeps plastic bottles out of  landfills.

Leaves  no chemical residue.

Rinses out when you are finished to save for other uses.

Clean windows, spectacles, jewellery, crystal, cutlery, visors, mirrors with a wet one followed by a dry one.

Defogging .

Used slightly damp doesn’t spread dust.

Soft, non-abrasive for dvds, furniture, blinds, all screens and lenses.

Bathroom- mirrors, taps, damp for outside of the toilet, rinse – use on rim and seat.

Beautiful for sensitive skins and babies. Remove makeup, nail polish.Teach kids good hygiene.

Add Aromatherapy oil, fragrance, men’s cologne or aftershave to make a diffuser.

First-aid: Use as an ice-pack,  burns and sunburn helps stop blistering, fevers, headaches, on cuts or grazes to stop minor bleeds, as medical wipes or bandages.

Travel: ear- plugs, emergency tooth-cleaners, wipe dirty seats and food trays, cool bites, soothe sore, hot, swollen feet and eyes, dust or fumes, damp to de-fluff, sponge marks.

Kitchen: strain and drain foods, dishcloth, wiping up.

Garden: save water.

Garage, tackle-box, hunting gear, golf bag, glove-box, desk, purse, briefcase, survival kit, picnic baskets, lunchboxes.

Can you think of more? 

If you are looking for a business there is  no franchise fee.

Together we can make a difference.

So please help us save our planet


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