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4th & 5th May 2019

Bessemer Cookware


Those who love to cook will love top quality Bessemer cookware. Australia’s favourite for nearly 50 years.

Bessemer cookware offers the complete cooking system manufactured from solid cast aluminium – the ideal material for even heating and better heat retention. Bessemer has the ability to function like an oven allowing stove stop or in oven cooking. The unique combination of material and design allows stove top cooking with oven baked results.

The thick cast aluminium construction spreads heat so well that the food cooks more evenly and faster. Lids are precision-tooled for exact fit, conserving heat and sealing in the flavour. You can cook with less liquid for better nutrition and flavour on a lower heat for a shorter time. Bessemer allows you to cook cakes, pizza and a leg of lamb or even bread easily and efficiently on top of the stove.

Bessemer’s high performance non-stick coatings protect the interiors from scratching, staining and corrosion, making washing up a breeze.


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